Selected Projects


Roberts, S.M., Halpin, P.N. & Clark, J.S. Jointly modeling marine species to inform the effects of environmental change on an ecological community in the Northwest Atlantic. Sci Rep 12, 132 (2022).

Roberts, S., Boustany, A., Halpin, P. (2020). Substrate-dependent fish have shifted less in distribution under climate change. Nature Communications Biology. DOI: 10.1038/s42003-020-01325-1

Cashion, T., Nguyen, T. , Palacio-Abrates, J., Brink, W.L., Mook, A., Roberts, S. (2020).  Shifting Seas, Shifting Boundaries: Dynamic Marine Protected Area designs for a Changing Climate. PLOS One.

Roberts, S. (2019). The role of cyclical climate oscillations in species distribution shifts under climate change. In Predicting Future Oceans (pp. 129-135). Elsevier. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-817945-1.00011-3

Roberts, S., Boustany, A., Halpin, P., & Rykaczewski, R. (2019). Cyclical climate oscillation alters species’ relationships with local habitat. Marine Ecology Progress Series. DOI: 10.3354/meps12890

Policy Documents

Cleary, J., S. Roberts, C. Curtice, P.N. Halpin (2017). “Exploring Species Range Shifts in the U.S. Mid Atlantic: Existing Literature, Web Portals, and Data”, report prepared for the MidAtlantic Council on the Ocean (MARCO), Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 54p.

Presentation at the Nereus Annual Conference (2019)

Coding Examples

Google Earth Engine Code to download monthly environmental Data (python)

Code to reproduce sticky fish paper (R)

Sea turtle modeling – shifts in suitable habitat under climate change (R).

Code for a GIS in R lab with a focus on Environmental Justice for ENV710 (R)


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